Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PTC is The Easiest Way To Earn Money From Internet

There are many ways to earn money from internet. There is through Google Adsense, Forex Trading, Stocks Trading, Make a Product Reviews, PPC (Pay Per Click) is advertisements on the web or blog, then if a visitor clicks on the ad blog or website, owner who put up ads will be paid per click. Highest paid PPC is Google Adsense. If you surf the internet then there are any ads and text underneath "Ads By Google", that's called Google Adsense. There are many more opportunities to make money from the internet.

Ways to make money from the internet that I mentioned above is relatively difficult for beginners. Eg PPC, of course, web or blogs that many visitors will get a bigger opportunity. Not to mention about SEO, Page Rank, Etc., etc., etc., which, for me it takes a long time.

Well, in between the difficult ways, there is the easiest way called PTC (Paid To Click) means we get paid to click ads. The Difference between PTC and PPC is if PPC is clicked by the others person and it is forbidden for us to click our own ads. While the PTC we just have to click the ad ourself.

PTC organizers of this on the internet is so many many many. Since then we need to be numerous because many also Scam (cheat), which is fitting time to pay can be taken (the term Pay Out or PO).. but .... were not given by organizers. Usually the features that this scam or deceive them are paid per click is high, then higher the Pay Out. Examples of $1 per-click, payout $500. Better not go if the Pay Out is very high.

Some are beginning to pay then do not pay for example Buxler.Net

It is indeed we join this program for free (except for the upgra
de member), but it wasting our time. So if you want to join any program on the internet looking for info first (search on Google if this program is a scam or not).

This PTC program actually too easy, so maybe there are people who do not like because it is boring or a lot of time consumed. But I think it's OK, as he made the posting material, preferably while doing PTC (Rather than idle internet pulse ... hehe ... :))

I also joined some PTC, formerly much but after I see the value per-click is too small ($0.001 or even smaller then the next day I did not continue). I think at least $0.005 per-click, and a day there are four ads to be clicked (minimum), so one day is $0.02 (This is the minimum value). Besides that we should be suspicious if perclick very high and high payout, typically Scam.

Now I only join 1 PTC that is trusted in all over the world, the PTC is called

NEOBUX is a trusted PTC and proven paid, with the world's largest number of member.
Every one ad is worth $0.01, every day there are 4 ads, so $0.04
First Minimum Payout $2, Second $3, Third $4, etc. up to $10 via PayPal or AlertPay

If you want to directly enroll in neobux FOR FREE please CLICK HERE or the image below

Thus that can be shared by John Salim hopefully useful

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Numeric Keypad Can't Be Used in Ubuntu 10.04

At the time of typing xls files that are opened and in-editing using OpenOffice which runs on ubuntu, sometimes we need the number keys (numeric), which are grouped to the right of the keyboard.

It would be sad if the number keys can not be used. At the time I thought for key numerical keyboard is damaged, because at the same time the numeric keys also can't be used for typing in the empty text file.
The keyboard I try in Windows, it's OK ....(Well I think this keyboard would not be damaged).

With Smart Mobile Phone Haier C700 I googling and finding an article titled Fixing the borked numeric keypad in Ubuntu Hardy.

Thanks God, my question has been answered. Here's the steps :
  • Access Menu System -> Preferences -> Keyboard
  • Go to the Mouse Keys tab
  • Remove the check (uncheck) on the option Allow to control the pointer using the keyboard

This also can be applied to all who use the GNOME 2.22

Thus that can be shared by John Salim hopefully useful

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Modify Boot Loader (GRUB) in Ubuntu 10.04

If in our computer have more than one OS (Operating System), for example the Ubuntu and Windows, and we install Windows first and then Ubuntu, then we have the Boot Loader (GRUB) provided by Ubuntu.

How do I modify the Boot Loader (GRUB) on this Ubuntu?

Here's a little that I can share:
  • Open a terminal and type sudo gedit /etc/default/grub
    Will open the grub file. We can change its time-out and default (Default OS run, Windows or Ubuntu). If we only have 2 Operating Systems, Windows and Ubuntu 10.04 for example, then change the default from 0 to 4, then if we turn on the computer and do not select, so Windows will be run.
  • Do not forget to press the Save and Close
  • Then type sudo update-grub
  • The next command sudo gedit /boot/grub/grub.cfg
    Grub.cfg file will appear. Here can be replaced string that is displayed in the GRUB. Suppose we want to replace the words "Windows XP" to "Door XP" or "Neighbor Door" hehehe .... :D
  • Click the Save button (Ctrl-S), Close and Restart Computer, or can also be typed sudo reboot

Thus that can be shared by John Salim, hopefully useful...

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Cloning Harddisk with Ubuntu 10.04

Some time ago I want to clone harddrive containing Repo Server Ubuntu 10.04. Initially tried googling and looking cloning software. HDClone and diskcopy found, but I found a Total Failure. And I've waited a long process of cloning using HDClone. After waiting 5 hours ......oh no.... it did not work .... even though the process of cloning reassure you know, there was no warning of any errors.

A few days later I tried using Norton Ghost, also failed. There is a warning that the drive does not unmount perfectly. I tried unmount in ubuntu but still the same. I thought this dear Norton Ghost reasons that are not able to clone Repo Server Ubuntu 10.04.

After trying many different ways with different kinds of software such as Norton Ghost, HDClone, DiskCopy, which all failed, I was googling again and found a posting on titled Clone your Ubuntu installation onto a new hard disk that is written by Keir Thomas, I tried ......and..........YES SUCCEEDED...thank you to Mr. Keir Thomas.

This cloning using ddrescue software running on ubuntu. Here are the steps :
  • At first I remove all partitions on my harddisk destination
  • Install ddrescue first by typing the command sudo apt-get install gddrescue
  • Then check your hard disk by typing the command in a terminal sudo fdisk -l
  • Results from the above command will perform 2 harddisks is /dev/sda (the first harddisk to be the source) and /dev/sdb (second harddisk to be the destination in this case a second harddisk is still empty)
  • Starting the cloning process by typing the command sudo ddrescue -v /dev/sda /dev/sdb
  • Visible progress in cloning .... wait for it to finish ... took an hour or more depending on the contents of the cloned harddisk and also the processor used
  • When you're finished ... shutdown the computer, remove the source harddisk and boot from cloned harddisk to ensure that the cloning process was succesful

So that can be shared by John Salim, hopefully helpful....

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Shutdown Windows via the Power Button in Casing

There are various ways to shutdown windows. The common method is through Click Start - Shutdown. This mode has a little weakness of which is we have to logon once to access the Start button.

Maybe there are some users who require some other way, and another way is through the power button located on the computer casing. This method has the advantage that is does not need to reach the mouse or keyboard and do not need to log on or get into windows. The second benefit is very important if the computer in question is a server computer on a computer network in the office or laboratory, which of course should not just anyone can log on except an administrator who has authority.

However, as an administrator in an office for example, just want to shutdown the computer why we should bother entering or logon to windows first. It is no problem if the distance to the location where our servers is so close, why if it is far ?..... Well if we go to work, if not ?.... Why don't we ask for help to our colleagues, close to the location server, to just pressing the power button on the server computer casing, to perform the shutdown.

For Windows XP or Windows Server 2000, by default this is already set, which means that by pressing the power button once will be automatically shutdown your windows. Pressed intent here is to suppress one time without detained (not on-hold is like a switch off mobile phones). But if we find not set or button is pressed but could not shutdown, here are the steps:
  • Click Start - Control Panel - Power Options
  • Click the Advanced Tab
  • There is a choice When I press the power button on my computer:
  • There are 4 options, Do nothing, Ask me what to do, Stand by, and Shut down
  • Choose Shut down
  • Click OK and close all windows or programs
  • Click Start - Log Off

Try to press the power button on the computer case, how? Congratulations if you've succeeded.

If the ways above is correct but still does not work, here are the next steps (Log on windows again) :
  • Click Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy
  • This will open the Local Security Settings Form
  • Go to Local Policies - Security Options
  • Locate and double-click policy Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on
  • Select Enable
  • Click OK and close all windows or programs
  • Click Start - Log Off

Try to press the power button on the computer case, how? Congratulations if you've succeeded. If not managed well, ask the computer experts :)

NB: If we are in a position already logged on then we lock (Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Lock) then the shutdown process using the power button, it could not shutdown, we have to unlock first.

Such sharing of John Salim...

Hopefully Helpful ...

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Ctr-Alt-Del Before Logon Windows

At the time we just install Windows XP, by default we directly log on to windows when we turn on the computer. It is indeed easy, if indeed we do not need the security of our computer access.

For most other computer users, they need the security of computer access by installing a password before logon. After we put the password via Start - Control Panel - User Accounts, then our computer before logon must enter a password first. Up here there is already considered sufficient. But some are not considered adequate.

Users who have not considered sufficient requires CTR-Alt-Del before windows logon. Ctr-Alt-Del in addition to the early fort before logon, also serves to lock and unlock, this is another important benefit of the CTR-Alt-Del. So when we still were using the computer, and we want to lock the computer because we want to take a bath for example, we just press ctr-Alt-Del and select Lock Computer. Then if we are out of the shower and ready to resume work on a computer that already we lock before, then stayed press ctr-Alt-Del, enter the password, and start doing work that had we stayed.

How do I set ctr-Alt-Del??

The steps are as follows:
  • Click Start - Control Panel - User Accounts
  • Click Change the way users log on or off
  • Remove the check (uncheck) the Use the Welcome screen option
  • Click Apply Options and Close
  • Click Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy
  • This will open the Local Security Settings Form
  • Go to Local Policies - Security Options
  • Locate and double click Interactive logon : Do not Require CTRL+ALT+DEL policy
  • Select Disable
  • Click OK and close

Then, if we want to lock our computer, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Lock

Such sharing of John Salim...

Hopefully Helpful ...

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Free $10 from IM Crew extended until August 5, 2010

Free $10 from IM Crew extended until August 5, 2010 ..
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What is Imcrew?
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How do I earn money??
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? How much can I expect to make?
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? How will I be paid?
--Payments will be made through PayPal, if your country doesn't supports PayPal you will be able to withdraw the money that you have earned through bank wire transfer for an extra $8 transaction fee deducted from the money you earned.

? How can I earn $2 for each Member referred?
--As soon as you refer someone through your referral link which you can find in your account you will receive $2 in your Pending account balance. The $2 will be credit to real money balance after the prelaunch if in 1 month time up to 15th of August,2010 your referred referral will login in his account and get at least 50 article views ( which would be about 5-10minutes job for your referred referral to do ).

? When do I get paid?
--Payments after the prelaunch period is over will be sent at the 30th of every month (or the next business day) for your previous month earnings. For example If you were to earn $50 in August, you would receive your $50 payment in PayPal on the 30th Of September.

? What's the cost?
--Nada, Zip, Zilch! As a Member of Imcrew, you never owe us a dime?that?s our responsibility to you.

? What's the Minimum Payout?
--For PayPal its $20, for Bank Wire transfer to any country it's $100

? How do I access my reports?
--After you Register and login in your account you?ll immediately have access to your personal page where all details of your efforts are.

? Do you support International Members?
--Absolutely! Any member from any Country can join

? How can I contact if I have any questions?
--You can contact us through email:

? Can other people in my household join?
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? Can I have more than one account?
--No. There is no need to maintain more than one account and it's not allowed at Imcrew. If you've lost your login information, you can request to have it sent to your e-mail address. If you are caught with more than one account open (we have a very strict auditing process before payments are sent) your account(s) will be terminated, your IP address(es) will be banned and you will not receive the money you earned.

? My network, school or ISP all use the same or randomly used IP addresses, can I join?
--Yes, this is fine. The same general rule applies from the previous question.

? How do I refer others?
--Use your unique referral code found in your member area when you login in your account

? How can I cancel my account?
--Inactive accounts are automatically cancelled after a certain time.

? Why I have not received my welcome email or password request?
--You need to make sure that mail from the domain is not being blocked , or being transferred to spam or Junk folder. If you still don't receive your requested information after registration you can try to register with another email provider such as and

? How often are the statistics updated?
--Stats are updated immediately.


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