Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cloning Harddisk with Ubuntu 10.04

Some time ago I want to clone harddrive containing Repo Server Ubuntu 10.04. Initially tried googling and looking cloning software. HDClone and diskcopy found, but I found a Total Failure. And I've waited a long process of cloning using HDClone. After waiting 5 hours ......oh no.... it did not work .... even though the process of cloning reassure you know, there was no warning of any errors.

A few days later I tried using Norton Ghost, also failed. There is a warning that the drive does not unmount perfectly. I tried unmount in ubuntu but still the same. I thought this dear Norton Ghost reasons that are not able to clone Repo Server Ubuntu 10.04.

After trying many different ways with different kinds of software such as Norton Ghost, HDClone, DiskCopy, which all failed, I was googling again and found a posting on titled Clone your Ubuntu installation onto a new hard disk that is written by Keir Thomas, I tried ......and..........YES SUCCEEDED...thank you to Mr. Keir Thomas.

This cloning using ddrescue software running on ubuntu. Here are the steps :
  • At first I remove all partitions on my harddisk destination
  • Install ddrescue first by typing the command sudo apt-get install gddrescue
  • Then check your hard disk by typing the command in a terminal sudo fdisk -l
  • Results from the above command will perform 2 harddisks is /dev/sda (the first harddisk to be the source) and /dev/sdb (second harddisk to be the destination in this case a second harddisk is still empty)
  • Starting the cloning process by typing the command sudo ddrescue -v /dev/sda /dev/sdb
  • Visible progress in cloning .... wait for it to finish ... took an hour or more depending on the contents of the cloned harddisk and also the processor used
  • When you're finished ... shutdown the computer, remove the source harddisk and boot from cloned harddisk to ensure that the cloning process was succesful

So that can be shared by John Salim, hopefully helpful....

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