Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Numeric Keypad Can't Be Used in Ubuntu 10.04

At the time of typing xls files that are opened and in-editing using OpenOffice which runs on ubuntu, sometimes we need the number keys (numeric), which are grouped to the right of the keyboard.

It would be sad if the number keys can not be used. At the time I thought for key numerical keyboard is damaged, because at the same time the numeric keys also can't be used for typing in the empty text file.
The keyboard I try in Windows, it's OK ....(Well I think this keyboard would not be damaged).

With Smart Mobile Phone Haier C700 I googling and finding an article titled Fixing the borked numeric keypad in Ubuntu Hardy.

Thanks God, my question has been answered. Here's the steps :
  • Access Menu System -> Preferences -> Keyboard
  • Go to the Mouse Keys tab
  • Remove the check (uncheck) on the option Allow to control the pointer using the keyboard

This also can be applied to all who use the GNOME 2.22

Thus that can be shared by John Salim hopefully useful

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