Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ctr-Alt-Del Before Logon Windows

At the time we just install Windows XP, by default we directly log on to windows when we turn on the computer. It is indeed easy, if indeed we do not need the security of our computer access.

For most other computer users, they need the security of computer access by installing a password before logon. After we put the password via Start - Control Panel - User Accounts, then our computer before logon must enter a password first. Up here there is already considered sufficient. But some are not considered adequate.

Users who have not considered sufficient requires CTR-Alt-Del before windows logon. Ctr-Alt-Del in addition to the early fort before logon, also serves to lock and unlock, this is another important benefit of the CTR-Alt-Del. So when we still were using the computer, and we want to lock the computer because we want to take a bath for example, we just press ctr-Alt-Del and select Lock Computer. Then if we are out of the shower and ready to resume work on a computer that already we lock before, then stayed press ctr-Alt-Del, enter the password, and start doing work that had we stayed.

How do I set ctr-Alt-Del??

The steps are as follows:
  • Click Start - Control Panel - User Accounts
  • Click Change the way users log on or off
  • Remove the check (uncheck) the Use the Welcome screen option
  • Click Apply Options and Close
  • Click Start - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Local Security Policy
  • This will open the Local Security Settings Form
  • Go to Local Policies - Security Options
  • Locate and double click Interactive logon : Do not Require CTRL+ALT+DEL policy
  • Select Disable
  • Click OK and close

Then, if we want to lock our computer, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Lock

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