Wednesday, August 4, 2010

PTC is The Easiest Way To Earn Money From Internet

There are many ways to earn money from internet. There is through Google Adsense, Forex Trading, Stocks Trading, Make a Product Reviews, PPC (Pay Per Click) is advertisements on the web or blog, then if a visitor clicks on the ad blog or website, owner who put up ads will be paid per click. Highest paid PPC is Google Adsense. If you surf the internet then there are any ads and text underneath "Ads By Google", that's called Google Adsense. There are many more opportunities to make money from the internet.

Ways to make money from the internet that I mentioned above is relatively difficult for beginners. Eg PPC, of course, web or blogs that many visitors will get a bigger opportunity. Not to mention about SEO, Page Rank, Etc., etc., etc., which, for me it takes a long time.

Well, in between the difficult ways, there is the easiest way called PTC (Paid To Click) means we get paid to click ads. The Difference between PTC and PPC is if PPC is clicked by the others person and it is forbidden for us to click our own ads. While the PTC we just have to click the ad ourself.

PTC organizers of this on the internet is so many many many. Since then we need to be numerous because many also Scam (cheat), which is fitting time to pay can be taken (the term Pay Out or PO).. but .... were not given by organizers. Usually the features that this scam or deceive them are paid per click is high, then higher the Pay Out. Examples of $1 per-click, payout $500. Better not go if the Pay Out is very high.

Some are beginning to pay then do not pay for example Buxler.Net

It is indeed we join this program for free (except for the upgra
de member), but it wasting our time. So if you want to join any program on the internet looking for info first (search on Google if this program is a scam or not).

This PTC program actually too easy, so maybe there are people who do not like because it is boring or a lot of time consumed. But I think it's OK, as he made the posting material, preferably while doing PTC (Rather than idle internet pulse ... hehe ... :))

I also joined some PTC, formerly much but after I see the value per-click is too small ($0.001 or even smaller then the next day I did not continue). I think at least $0.005 per-click, and a day there are four ads to be clicked (minimum), so one day is $0.02 (This is the minimum value). Besides that we should be suspicious if perclick very high and high payout, typically Scam.

Now I only join 1 PTC that is trusted in all over the world, the PTC is called

NEOBUX is a trusted PTC and proven paid, with the world's largest number of member.
Every one ad is worth $0.01, every day there are 4 ads, so $0.04
First Minimum Payout $2, Second $3, Third $4, etc. up to $10 via PayPal or AlertPay

If you want to directly enroll in neobux FOR FREE please CLICK HERE or the image below

Thus that can be shared by John Salim hopefully useful

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  1. Hello, want to sharing info, new ptc from biggest ads provider for Yahoo, Right Media. No Minimum adds to click, 9+ads/day, 0,8 cents/click, 1 cent per referral click. No Limited for direct referral.

    Thanks and C U :)